Swerval Patch Giveaway!


Hey everybody!  For just about forever I have wanted a sweet embroidered Hopeless Savages logo patch, just for me and the squalling amazing folks who’ve helped me make these stories. But it turns out it is way easier to order a whole hunkering bunch of these magnificent flabber-jammers than it is to get just a couple dozen.

So I just ordered up a whole hunkering bunch. They’ll be ready in 20 days.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Say you get a copy of the new book, Hopeless Savages: Break between now and December 16.  And say you send me a sharable picture of you with it–here or to @hopelessjen​ on Twitter–with a #SWERVAL tag. I’ll pick 25 of y’all out of some kind of hat or something and get addresses from you and send you a patch.

And then we can all put tutus on our heads and dance around like goofballs because it’s fun.

The patch will look like up above. It’ll be black on pink or grey on black, depending on how the proofs come out. I’ve worked with the company before and they do some tip-top work.

The book goes on sale today–25 November 2015–and it looks like this:

Swerval Patch Giveaway!