“Super Mario 64’s” “L is Real 2401” Mystery Explained

The mysterious message “L is real 2401” appears on a statue in the courtyard of Princess Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64. Legions of fans have spent the last twenty years trying to decipher exactly what it means, and now we know.



The answer to the “L is real 2401” riddle is a lot more mundane than many hoped for. Apparently in 1998 someone wrote a Nintendo Game Play Counselor asking what it meant and it was put in Super Mario 64 by the programmers as a joke. They thought it would make people try and try to figure out what it meant. Well it doesn’t have any meaning at all.


I guess the programmers got what they wanted because it’s been a question on gamers minds since the game came out.


[via GoNintendo]


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