Summon Shower Servant: “Fate/Stay Night” Bath Mat Goes on Sale


Everything’s coming up Fate, from Halloween events in Grand Order to the coming of Heaven’s Feel. To celebrate, ufotable is putting out a line of home goods to make you feel like the mage you wish you could be: summoning circle bath mats and coasters.



The Diatomite Magic Circle Bath Mat is apparently super functional — as a bath mat, not as a real summoning circle. It’s made of diatomaceous earth, a naturally-occurring material that is both light and absorbent. Created by Japanese plasterers, the mat dries out on its own over time and is biodegradable.


The collection also includes a set of three diatomite coasters: one designed as a summoning circle, and the other two bearing Emiya and Rin’s Command Spells:


The bath mat is 19,800 yen, and the set of three coasters is 3,800 yen (tax excluded on both). The items can be preordered via Tokyo Otaku Mode.


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