Sumire Uesaka To Perform “Pop Team Epic” Anime Theme

This winter, Pop Team Epic will be taming the mentally deranged TV anime landscape with fire. And, while we’re still waiting to find out who voices the leads, singer/voice actress Sumire Uesaka (Aho-Girl, Hozuki, Muromi-san) has been introduced as the theme song performer.


The anime’s site has also published plans to release the series in three volumes between January 31 and March 28, 2018.




Based on the surreal 4-panel web comic published in Takeshobo’s Manga Life WIN digital magazine, the Pop Team Epic TV anime is directed by Jun Aoki and Aoi Umeki and features animation by Kamikaze Douga. Pop Team Epic hits Japanese airwaves in January of 2018. An English language version of the original manga is also in-production from Vertical, Inc..


via @hoshiiro_anime


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