Stefano Gaudiano and Tony Akins Breakdown the Job of an Inker!

Today we’ve got a BIG ONE for ya. Oh, I’ve already misspoken, we have TWO BIG ONES for ya! We had the chance to sit down with two Skybound inkers who happen to share a workspace together!

We know, it was the most precious thing we’ve ever seen, too.

First up we sat down with THE WALKING DEAD inker: Stefano Gaudiano! Who, after killing it with his ink job on an alternate cover for issue #115, was brought on to help keep up with the twice per month published All Out War arc. Stefano continued absolutely killing it and was brought onto the team to continue his beautiful ink work! We all knew how great his work is but we wanted to dive deeper into HOW he approaches inking and his process as an artist. Which, if you keep your ears open you’ll hear some fantastic advice for those of you who aspire to work in the comic book industry. Take a look below and ENJOY! Oh, and once you’re done with this, don’t stop there because we have another full interview right under it. Because we love you all.


As promised, another full interview! This time we sat down with Stefano’s office-mate and extraordinary inker: Tony Akins! Tony has been inking on our book MANIFEST DESTINY ever since the Sasquatch arc back in 2016. Much like Stefano, he has a backlog of previous work ranging from Wonder Woman, Hellblazer, and Fables for DC all the way to Terminator, Aliens, and Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics! Tony has some awesome insight regarding the challenges of inking and the parts of the process that might not be common knowledge to most comic readers. Go on, click play!


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