Star-Myu Boys Gather Again in TV Anime 3rd Season Key Visual

The official website for the original boy musical-themed anime series Star-Mu is today updated with a key visual for its upcoming TV anime third season. In addition to the regular characters, the visual newly introduces the members of Kaou-kai, a group that only the top five students in the third grade of the Musical Department of Ayanagi Academy are allowed to join.


The first season of the Star-Myu TV series was aired for 12 episodes from October to December 2015 and its two-episode sequel OVA were released in July and September 2016. The TV anime’s second season with another 12 episodes followed from April to June 2017, then one-shot OVA Star-Myu in Halloween was released in October 2018. Its highly anticipated third season is set to premiere in Japan in the summer of 2019.


Key visual for the TV anime third season 


Teaser visual posted in October 2018 



Source: “Star-Myu” anime official website / Twitter


© Rin Hinata/Star-Mu Production Committee