Spider-Man Unlimited Celebrates Earth Day

Spider-Man Unlimited Celebrates Earth Day

Between the chaos caused during Spider-Verse and the looming interdimensional portal opened by the Sinister Six, Gameloft’s “Spider-Man Unlimited” universe has seen a lot action lately. For the most part, things have been on an up-swing but now Spider-UK has some brought to attention some terrible, and kind of weird, news…

Due to all of the expanding dimensional tears, an entire alternate mini-world has been sucked into the “SMUniverse”! It’s not catastrophic for either planet yet, but now is the time to suit up and save the world before the Sinister Six swoop in.

Celebrate Earth Day in this week’s special event by collecting the mini-Earth’s essence. Compete on the leaderboards to earn free Rank-Ups and ISO-8. Plus, earn progress rewards including consumable boosts and an Event Portal!

Who’s best to lead the charge in saving the worlds? None other than a team of “Earth-centric” Spideys! To earn a buff during the event, play as Earth-X Spider-Man, Ends of the Earth Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man, or even Dr. Aikman Spider-Man. Using one of these Spideys on your team will provide up to an x5 bonus while collecting the mini-Earth’s essence. If you’re looking to recruit them to your team, swing by the Event Portal.

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