Spider-Gwen, Halloween & More Coming to Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

The first major update for “Spider-Man Unlimited” is now available, and with it, Sandman, along with his five dimensional versions seen throughout iterations of the Marvel comics!

Sandman is the newest threat to Spidey’s world as our hero and his ever-increasing army of Spider-Men uses our dimension as the last stand against a plan of pure destruction. This update features an all-new issue packed with 25 missions as the war of the Spider-Verse continues, as well as a brand new environment which recreates the New York Highline, including hidden pathways and authentic obstacles.

As this update will include the first glimpses of Spider-Verse comics content, we’re happy to announce that in a few short weeks, Spider-Gwen will be coming to “Spider-Man Unlimited” as an addition to this update! This new Gwen Stacy from an alternate universe was bitten by a radioactive spider, and has captured global fan attention as the most exciting new Spider in Marvel’s line-up! “Spider-Man Unlimited” will be the first game to ever feature a playable Spider-Gwen!

Reaching far into the depths of Marvel’s comic book lore, the update will also introduce Spider-Girl, the game’s first of several female Spiders, all seen in Spider-Verse! And there’s even more Spider-Men content being released, which will be the catalyst for a host of new and exciting content coming to the game which ties-in specifically with the newly published Spider-Verse comics from Marvel, a series that sees all Spider-Men unite for the first time in the comic books.

Players can celebrate Halloween Marvel-style in the special Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Events from October 30 to November 2, in which players can collect pumpkins and face-off against the legendary spooky Marvel villain as the first event-exclusive boss!

Download and play issue #1-4 now!