Shizuka Ishigami, Yoshimi Ohara to Voice The Leads in “Mahojin Guru Guru” 3rd TV Anime

As previously teased, the voice actresses who will voice the two protagonist characters, Nike and Kukuri, in the upcoming third TV anime adaptation of Hiroyuki Eto’s fantasy gag manga series Mahojin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru), revealed today. 


13-year-old Nike, who is the “Yusha/Hero” of the show, will be voiced by 28-year-old Shizuka Ishigami. She is best known as Ikumi Mito in Shokugeki no Soma, Haruka Hoshimiya in Actyive Raid, and Kinoa Ougi in BBK/BRNK. The character was played by Fujiko Takimoto in the TV anime first season (1994-1995) and by Omi Minami in the second (2000).



“This is one of my most favorite titles since my childhood, and Nike-kun was my first love. He is carefree and a bit  perverted, but is still a nice hero who tries his best for Kukuri-chan. I will carefully

play him to deliver the same “loving feeling” that I felt to all of you.” 



13-year-old magic apprentice Kukuri will be played by Yoshimi Ohara. She is confirmed to have voiced

a club member A in Bakuon!! and Haru Wada in Handa-kun. This is probably her first major role. Konami

Yoshida voiced the character in all anime series. 



“I am very happy to join a new series of Guru Guru that is so nostalgic and cheerful and to play the

innocent character, Kukuri-chan. I’ll do my best to entertain you, so please look forward to it!”




The original Mahojin Guru Guru manga series ran in Monthly Shonen Gangan from 1992 to 2003, then

compiled in 16 tankobon volumes that printed 12 million copies in total. It was adapted into two TV

anime series, the 45-episode Mahojin Guru Guru in 1994-1995 and the 38-episode Dokidoki Densetsu

Mahoujin Guru Guru in 2000.


The manga’s sequel series Mahojin Guru Guru 2 has been serialized on Gangan Online since November

2012, and its newest 7th tankobon volume is just released today in Japan.





Source: “Mahojin Guruguru” official Twitter


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