Shigeru Miyamoto Jams with The Roots, Eats Cake While Making Mario Rounds

With smartphone game Super Mario Run just a week away from being released, it’s not surprising to see creator Shigeru Miyamoto making the rounds in the US. He’s been showing up in videos shared across social media promoting the franchise, making music, and generally just having a good time.


For example, he sat in with Jimmy Fallon’s house band, The Roots, to do a cover of the famous theme song — this in the same week that Fallon himself debuted the Nintendo Switch.



Then, over at BuzzFeed Tech, Miyamoto got a little more hands-on with the upcoming game, in which players control Mario as he auto-runs. The creator claimed the game can be played one-handed, so he was put to the test: playing Super Mario Run with one hand, and eating progressively larger cakes held in the other.



Super Mario Run will be available for iOS starting December 15, and for Android in 2017. There will be a free version containing the first three levels, as well as a flat-fee version that unlocks the full game with no microtransactions.


Source: Tonight Show YouTube Channel, BuzzFeed Tech




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