Seven Seas Licenses “Devilman Grimoire” and Original Manga


Often considered by Go Nagai to be his personal masterpiece, Devilman has undergone a variety of reimaginings over the years. Seven Seas Press has just announced three of these now available to North American fans: the original manga and its sequel, as well as the modern reimagining Devilman Grimoire.

From the new manga’s website:



When Miki attempts to summon a demon on the roof of her high school, things don’t go quite as planned. Not only does she instigate a vicious massacre, but her friend Akira gets possessed by the legendary demon Amon, who annihilates his own kind. As Tokyo’s streets grow bloodier by the day–thanks to invaders from Hell–a demonic demon slayer might be the city’s only hope for salvation. A modern, ultra-violent spin on the devilish classic by Go Nagai!

Volume 1 of Devilman Grimoire is now available for $12.99



In addition, fans can expect the series to return in its classic form. Devilman: The Classic Collection will consist of Go Nagai’s original manga, featuring the the kind Akira becoming host to a demon and turning into Devilman. Unlike the anime series, which maintained a Saturday morning cartoon level of violence and drama, the manga descends into some of Go Nagai’s darkest work.


Volume will be available starting March 6, 2018, for $29.99.



The stand-alone sequel, Devilman vs. Hades, sees Akira traversing Hell after the destruction of Earth, in search of his lost love. The two-volume manga will be released starting February 13, 2018, for $12.99 per volume.


>> Devilman Grimoire on Seven Seas

>> Devilman: The Classic Collection on Seven Seas

>> Devilman vs. Hades on Seven Seas





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