Seven New Characters Cut in for “Dances with the Dragons”


Fantasy light novel adaptation Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru – Dances with the Dragons has rolled out seven new rough sketches of character designs. Alongside that, we’re getting a hugely increased cast list:


Jivunya Lorezzo (CV Yoko Hikasa): An OL for a pharmaceutical company, and Gayus’s lover. Characterized by her platinum hair, fair skin, and pointed ears. She’s worried about Gayus’s dangerous activities — but she herself can get fairly dangerous if you cross her.


Nidvolk (CV Yuuko Kaida): A woman at the center of a series of murder cases in the city of Eridana. Highly adept at a very complex, rare type of spell.


Mordin Orjes Gyunei (CV Takaya Hashi): A Cardinal of the church, holding numerous titles. He has high ideals and loves his nation and its people more than anything; but his talents lie not in church functions, but in insight into political and military actions.


Curaso Opt Koga (CV Yoshino Nanjo): Mordin’s right hand and the twelfth of the Twelved Winged Generals. A refined and well-stationed woman whose duties occasionally include assassinations. “Curaso” isn’t her real name, but as a foreigner, she considers her real name too difficult for the locals to pronounce.


Yorkan (CV Mutsumi Tamura): The second of the Twelve Winged Generals. A mysterious figure whose age and gender are unknown. Can be equally kind or hostile.


Jesper Livy Raki (CV Takanori Hoshino): The ninth of the Twelve Winged Generals. An honest man who vows his absolute allegiance to Mordin. He is a master swordsman, but soft when it comes to his brother.


Berdrit Livy Raki (CV Sora Tokui): The tenth of the Twelve Winged Generals, and Jesper’s younger brother. He is a talented magician, but has a childish temperament and can inadvertently be unkind.


Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru – Dances with the Dragons premieres October 5 in Japan.


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