“SERVAMP -Alice in the Garden-” Film Full Trailer Introduces Theme Song by OLDCODEX

The official website for SERVAMP -Alice in the Garden-, the upcoming anime feature film based on Strike Tanaka’s fantasy action manga SERVAMP, today posted a 60-second full trailer introducing its theme song “One Side” performed by voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s musical unit OLDCODEX. The unit previously provided their 13th single song “Deal with” as the OP theme for the SERVAMP TV series in 2016. 


The all-new sequel film directed by the TV series director Hideaki Nakano (Saiyuki Reload Blast) is set to be released in select 25 theaters across Japan on April 7, 2018. 


Full trailer



Atsumi Tanezaki (Otogiri), Ayaka Nanase (Julie), and Sayaka Senbongi (Marie) are confirmed to

reprise their roles.


Kazuya Ichijo (Mikao Arisuin), Ayaka Fukuhara (Mistuki Usami), and Mai Nakahara (mysterious girl)

newly join the cast.



Story synopsis:

Since Tsubaki’s disappearance, Mahiru has thought he regains his peaceful life. But one day, a sudden

unseasonable snow starts falling in the town. Mahiru thinks the abnormal weather may be related to

vampires and calls out to Misono Alicein who also knows about vampires. With that as a start, Misono

has lost contact with Mahiru. Then Misono’s brother Mikuni appears in front of Mahiru who worries

about Misono, and reveals the secret that has been hidden in the Alicein Family.


Key Visual


Source: “SERVAMP -Alice in the Garden-” official website, Twitter