SeraMyu comes to Houston for Live “Sailor Moon Day” Celebration

In Houston, “Sailor Moon Day” will be celebrated on April 7 this year — because that’s when the Moon Princess and her entourage will be coming to town.



Today on their Facebook, Houston-based convention Anime Matsuri announced that ten of the leads from the current SeraMyu cast (nine Guardians and Tuxedo Mask), in addition to four dancers, would be coming to the event for a special performance. No details have been given on what sort of performance this will entail specifically, but it promises to be entertaining.


The cast, led by Hotaru Nomoto (the sixth actress to play Usagi in the SeraMyu plays), starred in the recent Amour Eternal, based on the series’s Dream Arc.



Anime Matsuri will be held from April 7-9 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. The specific date and time for the SeraMyu performance is still listed as “TBA,” though the acknowledgment of April 7 as “Sailor Moon Day” strongly hints that it will be on the first day of the event.






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