See Washio Sumi Become a Hero in “Yuki Yuna” Movie Trailer

If you’re missing Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, there’s more right around the corner — on both the big screen and small screen. The previously announced second season of the series, as well as the prequel film project based on Washio Sumi Is a Hero, have more info available.



First up, the prequel — Yuki Yuna Is a Hero -Chapter of Washio Sumi-. Based on the light novel series, it takes place two years prior to the main series and tells the back story of one of its central characters. The project will be released in three parts. A new trailer for the project has just been released:


Yuuki Yuuna -Washio Sumi no Sho- Film 1 PV by pKjd

Part 1, Friends, premieres March 18, with Part 2 (Spirit) coming out April 15 and Part 3 (Promise) on July 8.


The trailer also teases a limited edition clear file being offered with ticket purchases for Part 1:


See Washio Sumi Become a Hero in


Suzuko Mimori, and Kana Hanazawa will be reprising their Yuki Yuna roles, with Yumiri Hanamori (Nemurin, Magical Girl Raising Project) and Rina Satou (Kiyoh, Gurren Lagann) joining the cast as teammate Gin Minowa and Aki-sensei, respectively.


Meanwhile, it has been established that the second season of Yuki Yuna Is a Hero will begin broadcasting in October of this year.


Source: Yaraon!




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