See Rean and Alisa in Real Life in New “Legend of Heroes” Musical Promos

With opening night just two months away, production company NEGA is premiering video and photos of the two leads in its upcoming Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel musical.


Advertised as a “premium 3D musical,” this production stars Ryunosuke Matsumura as Rean Schwarzer and Maon Kurosaki as Alisa Reinford. Their website also has video greetings from the two leads in costume:


NEGA has several musical adaptations under their belt, such as Persona 4 and Ghost in the Shell. Fans can likely expect a similar lavish, effects-heavy production when Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel opens at Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo on January 8.

Source: Otakomu.jpg




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