Second “Death Mark” Game Trailer Explores a Really Creepy Mansion

Okay, so there’s the occasional silly jump scare, but most of the latest promo for Death Mark is appropriately creepy and suspenseful. For those who missed the initial announcement, the story follows a middle-aged amnesiac man who has a strange mark that will apparently kill anyone who possesses it. He heads to a mansion that claims to protect people with the mark, and he ends up meeting other “Marked Persons” with whom he’ll attempt to overcome the curse.


The other marked people come in handy as you explore, because they each have their own unique abilities. You can choose different companions at the base, so one may be more useful than another depending on the situation. If you run into any apparitions or creatures along the way, you’ll need to think fast during a timed “Deadly Choice” moment, or face certain death. 


You can see some of the characters, spirits, and more in the promo below. 



Death Mark hits PS Vita in Japan on June 1. 


Via Siliconera



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