“Sagrada Reset” Draws Closer with new 30-Second Spot

A new 30-second spot has begun running for the upcoming Sagrada Reset, the anime adaptation of Yutaka Kōno and You Shiina’s light novel series. However, it doesn’t seem like the studio is quite ready to release anything new just yet, as the spot is taken pretty much exclusively from earlier PVs:


“Two years ago, she disappeared from the world. We ‘reset’ many times to regain that day.”


The series will follow two residents of the mysterious town of Sagrada, a boy with flawless memory and a girl who can reset time by three days, as they attempt to save a classmate from her tragic death. Shinya Kawatsura (Magic Stella, .hack//GIFT) will be directing.



A live-action film in two parts is also on the way, with the first half premiering in Japan this Saturday.


Source: Asmik Ace Anime Channel




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