“Saga Of Tanya The Evil” Aims To Draw Blood For Comiket Donation

It’s time again for a Comiket blood drive. The tradition continues, starting with Comiket 92 on August 11th and touring through September 30th. And, the reward this time for otaku donating 400ml of blood to the red cross includes A1 sized posters of Saga of Tanya the Evil (paired with Yahoo jp aeral combat online game Formation Girls), Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat (eroge adapted into a summer anime), My First Girlfriend is a Gal and Flower Knight Girl.


There’s also BanG Dream! Roselia and Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue tapestries, plus Guardess in Eden cards.



Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain’t It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.