Running with the Devil: Bullseye

Arguably, no one person has hurt Daredevil in as consistent and visceral a way as Bullseye. In turn, no one has humiliated and obsessed Bullseye as much as Daredevil. And now, they find themselves thrust together once more in Marvel’s new Daredevil sub-universe.

To see how the assassin with impeccable aim will react to this, we talked to writer Ed Brisson and editor Mark Paniccia about the February-debuting BULLSEYE series. In an earlier interview with, you’ve stressed the different sides of Bullseye—the long con planner vs the unhinged killer. With BULLSEYE the book and Bullseye the character being pulled closer into Daredevil’s orbit, how does that effect the kind of Bullseye we’ll see? Given their history, can the Man Who Never Misses maintain a balance between his two sides?

Ed Brisson: To be honest, it won’t change the Bullseye we see. He’s always going to be that same crazy dude who’s out to kill and isn’t going to be bothered about who’s in his way. We’re going to see a man who walks that balance between the two sides well. There is always going to be a very specific method to his madness. At the start of this project, BULLSEYE—like each of the other books—will be in the midst of their own individual storylines. What can we expect here?

Mark Paniccia: BULLSEYE is in [Colombia] on a suicide mission—and he’s loving it, of course. We’re gonna see him at his adrenaline junkie finest! This is in the vein of the classic BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS and will be a guilty pleasure of watching one victim drop after another. And even more fun watching him battle one army of killers after another. Also early on, you mentioned using less known Daredevil characters as a way to speak to Bullseye’s history with Hornhead without pushing him full on into DD’s world. Does this still fit for the book and the new storytelling universe?

Ed Brisson: This works well for what we’re planning to do with the book. The lesser known DD characters in our first arc are there as supporting cast; new readers to Daredevil and the DD extended universe won’t feel like they’re losing out by not knowing the character’s full history, while long-time fans will see these characters and be excited to see them again. These are all characters who’ve tangled with the Devil before and are doing their best to stay off his radar. In general, as a writer, what excites you about being a part of this creative endeavor? We already know you are excited for writing BULLSEYE, but does the extended playground of sorts enhance that experience for you?

Ed Brisson: It’s Daredevil, man! I grew up reading DAREDEVIL and I think that you’d be hard-pressed to find a character/sub-universe that’s better blessed with great writers and artists. To play in the same sandbox occupied by Ann Nocenti, Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, etc.—it’s a real honor. How is it as a writer to be working in closer concert with not just your artist Guillermo Sanna but other creators like Charles Soule, Ron Garney, Matt Rosenberg and so on? How, at all, does it inform your process?

Ed Brisson: It’s been great. Matt and I go back a few years, so [we] are generally chatting with one another on a regular basis anyway. So, you know, it’s great to have the opportunity to work closer with friends. Similarly, Charles and I met a few years back and usually catch up at cons. He’s a great dude and has been a real pleasure to work with. I haven’t spoken with Ron at all, but that guy is an amazing artist. Really looking forward to digging in deeper with them.

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