Rookie Voice Actress Unit pua:re Releases “My Girlfriend is Shobitch” ED Song MV

Following the OP song “Eien Labyrinth” by Aoi Yuki, Nippon Columbia’s official YouTube channel has posted a one-chorus music video for “Koi no Himitsu” (The Secret of Love), the ED theme for the TV anime adaptation of Namiru Matsumoto’s comedy manga Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bicchi na Ken/My Girlfriend is Shobitch, performed by newly-formed four-member voice actress unit pua:re.


pua:re consists of Yuki Yagi, Natsumi Yamada, Marin Mizutani, and Miyuu Ogura. Yagi, Yamada, and Mizutani also join the anime as the voice of Kanata Shinozaki, Rina Saijou, and Misaki Aikawa, respectively.


The unit is formed by the four rookie voice actresses for the anime last month, and their debut single “Koi no Himitsu” is scheduled to be released from Nippon Columbia on November 8. 


“Koi no Himitsu” short MV


Video message from pua:re


“Koi no Himitsu” CD jacket



Artist photo


Announcement for the launcho of their official Twitter



Source: Nippon Columbia, press release


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