Rin Suzunoki of “Bakuon!” is February’s “Moto Navi” Cover Girl

We’re pretty sure Rin would approve of this choice… actually, no, we’re pretty sure Rin would insist on this choice. Japanese motorcycle magazine Moto Navi has chosen the Suzuki GSX-S1000F as their 2016 Motorcycle of the Year, and Miss Suzunoki herself is sharing space with it on the February 2017 cover.



Fans of Bakuon! are all too familiar with Rin’s all-encompassing love of Suzuki bikes in general — regardless of their quality.


Her presence on the cover isn’t without context, though. The February 2017 issue will also contain an interview with Mimana Orimoto, the creator of the Bakuon! manga. Also featured are chats with Yumi Uchiyama (the voice of Onsa) and series director Junji Nishimura, as well as a two-page spread of quotes from the series.



This isn’t the first time Moto Navi has featured interviews with creators of motorcycle-themed media. In the past, Shuichi Shigeno (Baribari Legend) and Michiharu Kusunoki (Aitsu to Lullaby) have also been featured in its pages.


The February 2017 issue of Moto Navi is now available.


Source: Otakomu.jp, Natalie Comic




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