Rhythm Force Releases More Limited Edition “Star Wars” Ukiyo-e Prints

The Rhythm Force Ukiyo-e Project is releasing a new set of hand-crafted, limited edition ukiyo-e prints featuring officially licensed likenesses of famous characters and vehicles from the Star Wars franchise.


The new line-up includes:


Darth Maul.


Rhythm Force Releases More Limited Edition

Boba Fett.


Rhythm Force Releases More Limited Edition

And The Millenium Falcon.


The prints are crafted using “washi” paper created by Ichibe Iwano, a 9th generation artisan and a “living national treasure” who specializes in creating paper using the traditional techniques of the Echizen region.



A total of 100 copies of each print will be sold separately for 50,000 yen ($476.03 US) each, and 100 limited edition sets of all three prints together will also be available for 150,000 yen ($1428.10 US). Preorders for the prints will be available beginning on November 16, 2016, with the final product to be delivered in late December of 2016.



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