Producer Says “In This Corner of the World” May Have Its Extended Edition with 30-Minute More Footage

According to the latest box office report, the anime film adaptation of Fumiyo Kouno’s award-winning manga Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni/In This Corner of the World has earned 708,936,720 yen on 521,289 admission in six weeks since its release on November 12. Its most recent weekly gross was about 110 million yen, more than twice of its first week gross. Thanks to the growing box office success, more theaters are scheduled to be added in the coming weeks.


The director of the film, Sunao Katabuchi originally planned to make a 150-minute film on a 400 million yen budget and drew a storyboard with that length. But due to lack of funds, he had to cut off 30 minutes worth of scenes and completed the 126-minute film on a budget of 250 million yen. In a recent interview, Maki said he wanted to realize Katabuchi’s original plan if the film crossed the 1 billion yen mark at the Japanese box office. Then he posted the tweet below yesterday, “We will do the extended edition, I’m just saying.” The official announcement is expected to come soon. 




Poster visual






via: Netlabo


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