Preview the First “Thunderbolt Fantasy” Manga Collection

The series Thunderbolt Fantasy made the jump from puppetry to manga in the middle of last year. The second tankobon was released in late December, and Morning — the manga’s original publisher — is now calling fans to check out the manga collection’s release, accompanied by the show’s opening.



It should be noted that this first volume of Thunderbolt Fantasy isn’t a brand-new release. This may be a re-printing, or an effort to bring eyes back to the manga as we await the compilation of later chapters into tankobon of their own.


The manga is written by series creator Gen Urobochi and drawn by Yui Sakuma (Complex Age). A second manga, Thunderbolt Fantasy: Otome Genyūki, is penned by the Thunderbolt Fantasy Project and drawn by Kairi Shimotsuki (Brave 10); however, it is currently on hiatus with no plans announced for its future.


Source: morningmanga’s Channel




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