Press Release: Arcana’s Kagagi premiers Sunday, October 5th on APTN

Kagagi, The Animated Series Starts This Sunday At 10AM On APTN!

Hello Everyone!

We are very excited to announce that Kagagi, the animated series, will be airing this Sunday, October 5th at 10AM on APTN!

Find Kagagi on APTN East and APTN HD at 10am ET, and on APTN West at 10am MT. Kagagi is the perfect Sunday morning cartoon! 

MATTHEW CARVER (16), is an Algonquin boy who’s destined to become Kagagi, a Native-Canadian superhero. He must stop his pre-destined, arch-nemesis, THE WINDIGO from destroying the world and gaining universal power. At first, Matthew refuses the call, not wanting to be burdened with responsibility, but as those around him suffer at the hands of the Windigo, he has no choice but to fight as Kagagi, finally accepting his destiny.

Kagagi is based on the hit graphic novel, published by Arcana, Kagagi: The Raven.



Check out the great opening credits featuring music by the award winning group “A Tribe Called Red”.




Check out these great stills from Kagagi!



Check out the full listing of episode air dates here, trust us you don’t want to miss a single episode!