Prepare to Meet the New Faces of the “Ingress” Anime


Niantic’s AR smartphone hit Ingress, which divides the world into the Englightened and the Resistance as they travel the world, will be making the jump to anime this fall. And the faces behind the factions have been revealed, via augmented reality, at a Fukuoka-based event for players.


During today’s “Mission Day Fukuoka,” players were introduced to three characters we can expect to see when the show premieres this fall:





The official website has also released a preliminary staff list:


Original Work: Niantic, Inc.

Director: Yuhei Sakuragi (The Relative Worlds)

Script: Souki Tsukishima/Tora Tsukishima (Root Double)

Music: Hidehiro Kawai (The Relative Worlds)

Character Design: Takeshi Honda (Rebuild of Evangelion)

Assistant Director: Yoshinari Irikawa (.hack//The Movie)

CG Director: Atsushi Furukawa (Tiger & Bunny)

Art Director: Hiroshi Kato (Totonyan) / Hirofumi Sakagami (Keijo!!!!!!!!)

Assistant Art Director: Houmi Arai

Modeling Director: Masashi Miyaoka (Evangelion 3.0)

Animation Director: Maru Kobayashi (Tiger & Bunny)

Cinematography: Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

Animation Studio: Craftar




Ingress is set to premiere this October.


>> Ingress Anime Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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