Prepare To Be Demolished: 5 Deathlok Battles

Deathlok Battles

You can’t keep a good Deathlok down. Through four decades and as many different incarnations, the red-eyed cyborg just keeps coming back for more. This time around, the Deathlok tech has been applied to Henry Hayes, a former Doctors Without Borders worker transformed into a killing machine by the Biotek Corporation. Now the Deathlok name is back in the spotlight, with an all-new ongoing series by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins scheduled to drop later this month. But before you start getting your monthly dose of the Hayes Deathlok, check out how well these other machine-men fared against some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters!

1. Deathlok vs. Captain America

In a time-travel adventure so surprising that it would make fellow time-traveling cyborg Cable’s head spin, the original Luther Manning Deathlok knocked Captain America out cold. Cap only achieved the upper hand when the human side cut through Deathlok’s faulty programming and brought the machine man over to the Avenger’s side.

2. Deathlok vs. Carnage

Michael Collins, the Deathlok of the 90’s, teamed up with the rest of New York City’s street level heroes to protect innocent civilians from the crazed Carnage and his gang of marauders. Deathlok held his own against Carnage, Demogoblin, and Doppelganger, but the bad guys eventually overpowered him and strung him up by his own wiring.

3. Deathlok vs. Iron Man

The Michael Collins Deathlok clashed with Iron Man when he broke into Stark Enterprises headquarters. The two duked it out — with metallic fists smashing into metallic heads — until Tony Stark learned that Deathlok sought to destroy data put in place by one of his sworn enemies. The two shook hands and then bonded by destroying the files together.

4. Deathlok vs. Dragon Man

Not too long after Deathlok and a ragtag group of Marvel heroes found themselves stranded on the mysterious Battleworld, the giant android called Dragon Man attacked. The powerful purple creature took out both Gravity and Medusa, forcing Deathlok to turn off his no-kill parameter to stop the beast’s rampage. With the help of Firebird, the cyborg finally hit Dragon Man’s off switch.

5. Deathloks vs. Wolverine and Bucky

Hailing from an alternate future ruled by Deathlok machines, this ‘Lok squadron arrived in the present day to take out their next target: Bucky Barnes. Wolverine jumped into action to protect Bucky, who had taken over the role of Captain America at the time, and the two ended up fighting off a dozen or more deadly Deathlok robots. 

DEATHLOK #1 will be unleashed on October 29!