Premium Bandai Horks Up a Radioactive Loogie with “Shin Godzilla” Figure

Nothing says Shin Godzilla like a new S.H. Monsterarts figure that explores the most recent iteration of Toho’s classic giant monster in all of its vomity grossness.



The “GODZILLA(2016) The fourth Awakening Ver.” figure from Premium Bandai is made of PVC and ABS and stands approximately 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) tall and measures approximately 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in length. The figure comes with various parts, such as a split-jaw head and plasma blasts parts for the mouth and tail.



The figure even comes with parts reproducing Godzilla’s radioactive puke in loving detail:




The “GODZILLA(2016) The fourth Awakening Ver.” figure is a web-exclusive through Premium Bandai’s online store. Pre-orders are now available, with the final product scheduled to begin shipping in July of 2017. The figure sells for 15,984 yen ($138.83 US).



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Premium Bandai “GODZILLA(2016) The fourth Awakening Ver.” product page


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