PreCure Goes Mobile with Upcoming Smartphone Game

Not content to let Madoka Magica rule the magical girl side of smartphone gaming, Toei’s own battalion of heroines have stepped in. Later this year, the PreCure franchise will make their official dive into iOS and Android games.



Titled PreCure Tsunagaru Pazurun (“PreCure Connection Puzzle-un”), it’s advertised as an easy hitofudegaki game (a type of game where you draw a shape without lifting the pen — or, in this case, your finger or stylus). As you complete puzzles and gather cards, you’ll build a larger team of characters from which you can choose as you play.


At present, the art only shows three teams: the early Futari wa PreCure MAX HEART team and the more recent Go Princess PreCure and Maho Girls PreCure! teams. There’s no indication yet of whether more teams will be filled in either retroactively or as they premiere.


Preregistrations are currently open on the site via email or Twitter; additionally, preregistered players may be contacted about a closed beta in the near future.


PreCure Goes Mobile with Upcoming Smartphone Game


As preregistrations stack up, more and more special gifts will become available to early adopters. At 30,000 users, a pack of 200 jewels (presumably the currency of the game) will unlock. At 50,000 and 80,000 respectively, the two cards shown above — “Black Ribbon Nagisa Misumi” and “Polka-Dot Dress Honoka Yukishiro” — will also unlock, both with a three-star rating.


PreCure Tsunagaru Pazurun will go live later this year for iOS and Android. Visit the official site for more information.


Source: Yaraon!




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