“Pop Team Epic” Mag Takes a Serious Look at the Show’s Success


Wondering how “kuso manga boy” Bukub Okawa ended up with a literal hit on his hands with Pop Team Epic? Movie and TV magazine MdN is going to dive into that exact question in their next issue — and for once, this isn’t us keeping kayfabe. They’re really going serious with it.



The mag’s 60-page Pop Team Epic issue will dive into the production and airing of the winter anime adaptation, touching on the show’s odd and varied aspects. There will be sections on the characters themselves, the use of multiple voice actors for Popuko and Pipimi, the nature of the “Rebroadcast” format each week, and the show’s use of parody. Fans can also read about the many creators involved in the show’s variety/anthology format.


Each episode also has a study of its finer points, such as the use of meta and mockumentary style, the adaptation of 4-panel action into anime skits, and the show’s use of the “star system.” There’s also a breakdown of the epic “Hellshake Yano” sequence.



The May 2018 issue of MdN goes on sale today.


>> MdN May 2018 Product Page

>> Watch Pop Team Epic on Crunchyroll

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