Pollyanna McIntosh on Acting, Directing, and Her First Jobs!

Pollyanna McIntosh is one of the sweetest actors you’ll ever meet in person. However, she lives for the art of filmmaking, and it has shown in her resumé of work thus far.

You might know her as the leader of all trash – Jadis – in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Her character does not stem from our source material in the comic books, but she has brought a breath of life and unique, quirky personality into a character that was built from scratch. She has, though, had plenty of practice to get here.

And she’s making her opportunity count.

In our interview below, Pollyana tells our good friend Ti about how films like Filth and The Woman helped her get her start in The United States after working across seas in London. She’s even currently working on a film she wrote and directed… but no details yet! Nosey viewers…

She’s an inspiring female creator and artist who has some excellent knowledge to share with ya’ll! She even answered some fan questions, so check it out and see if yours made the cut!

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