Poll Gauges Interest for Remakes of “Nostalgic Shōnen Anime”

The popularity of recent anime remakes such as Mr. Osomatsu, Gatchman Crowds, and even Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor prompted iResearch, a market research consulting company, to conduct an online poll aimed at Japanese adult male anime fans. The intent of the poll was to gauge interest in modern remakes for nostalgic shōnen anime from the 1980’s and 1990’s.



The poll asked 200 adult men to pick the top 3 series that they would like to see remade from a pool of 44 entries. The results were then weighted: 1st choice picks earned 3 points, 2nd choice picks earned 2 points, and 3rd choice picks earned 1 point. The top 10 results results were as follows: 



10.) The Laughing Salesman. (36 points)



09.) City Hunter. (42 points)



Spots 8 and 7 were tired between Oishinbo and Maison Ikkoku, both of which scored 43 points.



06.) Yu Yu Hakusho. (63 points)



05.) SLAM DUNK. (71 points)



Another two-way tie occured at spots 4 and 3, this time between Touch and Kinnikuman. Both earned 97 points.



02.) Dragon Ball. (101 points)



01.) Captain Tsubasa. (126 points)


Honorable mentions include Ranma 1/2 and Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (25 points each), Patlabor and High School Kimengumi (26 points each), and Sakigake!! Otokojuku (31 points). Common reasons cited for wanting a remake included a desire to see dynamic action scenes remade with modern animation technology and a desire for younger generations to experience what the series have to offer. 



While some of the results are interesting, I’d be hard-pressed to say that the poll is representative. The sample size is small and excludes the opinions of women entirely, and although they may not be the target demographic, women still watch shōnen anime TV shows. The weighting system and limited selection pool could also easily skew the results.


Source: Yahoo News! Japan via Otakomu


Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.