Pokémon Learn to Talk in “Pokémon Puppet Theater”

Puppémon — the hand puppet version of Pokémon currently running on YouTube — is giving voice to traditionally minimal-vocabulary Pokes. The series is a product of the official Pokémon YouTube Channel and features characters from multiple generations of the game series.


The fourth installment, “Winter Worries,” kicks off with Buneary and Croagunk complaining about the cold weather… but things are especially bad for Pikachu. And if you’ve ever gotten static shock off a doorknob in winter, you can probably figure out why.



Fortunately, there is ultimately a happy ending for everyone, as Pikachu’s excess “shock value” turns out to be very handy around Christmastime.


You can see the rest of the Puppémon videos on their own playlist.


Source: Official Pokémon YouTube Channel




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