Pokémon Daisuki Club Profiles Beefy Pokémon with “Break Out! Machamp Gym” Website


A new website published in conjunction with The Pokémon Company and the Pokémon Daisuki Club contains a wealth of information about Machamp (known as Kairiky in the original Japanese), a burly Fighting-type Pokémon known for its brash and headstrong personality.


The site, entitled “Break Out! Machamp Gym”, provides info about how Machamp fits into the greater Pokémon universe, and fans can learn all sorts of facts there.



For example, Machamp’s 4 muscular arms and martial arts training make it a skilled fighter, capable of launching multiple consecutive punches from many different angles. However, Machamp is not well known for its manual dexterity, and can get tangled up in tasks that require a delicate touch.



Additionally, the site discusses the kinds of jobs Machamp takes when not training for Pokémon battles, including such physically demanding activities as working in construction, assisting at moving and shipping companies, performing services as a body-guard or personal trainer, and serving as a host at the macho Machamp Cafe. 



Finally, the site has a section on Machamp-related secrets, revealing for example how to tell a male Machamp from a female one.




(This turns out to be harder than you think.)



The site also confirms the fact that’s been setting the Internet on fire recently: Machamp’s body-builder Speedo and championship belt combination are not in fact clothes, but natural markings on Machamp’s skin. As the website informs us, Pokémon don’t wear clothes.


You can check out more at the official website here.




Official “Break Out! Machamp Gym” home page


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