Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Blade

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Blade

With Halloween fast approaching, D3Publisher wants to get you ready for the season of spooks by busting out the big guns, stakes, and swords, introducing the vampire hunter Blade to the already stellar roster of “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” We talked to Producer Joe Fletcher about the haunted hero and what unique skills he brings to the table.

Marvel.com: Hey Joe. This time we’re talking Blade. Why was this the right time to bring him into the fold?

Joe Fletcher: Blade was added for two main reasons. One is the fairly standard reason in that it increases our story possibilities. With the current batch of characters in the game, there isn’t really anyone who tends towards the more mystic and magic side of the Marvel Universe. Blade, with his mostly technological—if multiple sharp edged weapons and guns can be called that—means of fighting and more mystic origins helps to bridge that gap. The other is that it’s Halloween time, so what better time to introduce him?

Marvel.com: Wanna take a stab at some of his abilities for us?

Joe Fletcher: Blade’s abilities go towards his specific style of combat with a dash of his own form of vampirism built in. The first, Nightstalker, emphasizes Blade’s style of combat in attacking to put someone off balance, then keeping them that way until he wins. This Black ability deals a moderate amount of damage each time it’s used, but then also places a Countdown tile onto the board which steals AP from the enemy team’s strongest color every turn. The ability is relatively cheap at 8 AP and the Countdown tiles also stack, making this one that can do real damage to both an enemy’s health and their ability to mount effective attacks with a couple of these tiles out there. Additional levels ramp up both the damage and AP steal, making the attack one to really watch out for if you’re facing Blade and value your AP.

The second ability is Keep Your Enemies Closer, a Purple ability that shows off Blade’s ability to continually assault the opponent. The ability creates an Attack tile on the board—with more tiles created as the ability levels—that will deal damage each turn. However, the tiles, when placed, also get a bonus for each friendly Strike tile on the board. So having a bunch of Strike tiles will make these Attack tiles into absolute monsters and something to either protect or destroy at all costs.

Blade’s last ability is a Green Passive that shows off his more vampiric traits, called The Thirst. This ability is relatively simple in its usage, creating Strike tiles on the board when there are more than a certain number of Red tiles on the board. These Strike tiles are a bit more powerful than an equivalent tile created by Daken’s Passive, but are a little harder to get out there to start. As the placement is tied to the number of Red tiles, players will have to decide to either use Blade’s Thirst to have more powerful matches or use that Red AP themselves to power other abilities.

Marvel.com: Blade’s always been kind of a loner, how will he fit into this team style game? Who does he synergize well with?

Joe Fletcher: Eric is a bit of a loner, true, but he’s well known to have teamed up with various people at times. He’s been a part of MI:13, the creepy mystical Avengers of the Supernatural, and even fairly recently as a part of the Mighty Avengers during Original Sin. While he’s adept at fighting by himself, he’s most definitely not the type to reject a helping hand. In-game this manifests through his Keep Your Enemies Closer ability where even if he doesn’t create the Strike tiles, he can still use them to power the Attack tile he places. Also, his Thirst increases his, and thus his team’s combat abilities through the Strike tile placements. He is a Black/Purple/Green color strength character, which means that he’ll synergize very well with Red/Blue/Yellow characters like Captain America and Thor Goddess of Thunder and still work well with characters that have variations on that color theme like Hulk, Punisher, or Thor Modern.

Marvel.com: When can we expect Blade to drop?

Joe Fletcher: Blade will be available as the reward from the upcoming run of The Hunt, starting on October 24. He’ll then also be available as a reward in Captain Marvel’s upcoming Versus rounds, scheduled to begin on October 31. And finally he will be featured in his very own Versus Tournament on November 3.

Marvel.com: Anything else you wanna tell us about the Daywalker?    

Joe Fletcher: Blade provides an interesting color combination for players that usually run a Red/Blue/Yellow or Red/Yellow/Green character as their main damage dealer. His Black ability also provides one of the rarest, and most sought after abilities in the game with AP stealing built in as part of it. The legendary Daywalker is fully expected to take a place in a lot of teams that have made the 3* transition, and possibly even make a bit of disruption on the current metagame—which, really, Blade tends to do wherever he goes.

There you go folks, Blade in all his glory! Be sure to check him out when he slices his way into the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” fray a little later this week.