Phase Pistol Master!

Propworx is proud to announce that we will be offering the original master for the Phase Pistol prop from Star Trek: Enterprise. This is the only Star Trek master model ever to come to public auction.  A “master” is the first model built and used to make a mold from which every other Phase Pistol on the show would be made, so you can say it is the “mother of the Phase Pistol”. This extremely rare item and comes directly from an ISS employee, the company that built the props for Star Trek: Enterprise and is currently building many of the props for the new Star Trek movie.

This once in a life-time opportunity can be yours during Star Trek Auction III on March 24th. This one in a life-time opportunity can be yours during the third Star Trek auction by Propworx on March 24th. So check out our website, as well as our facebook page at to learn more information on the auction, as well as read other blog articles on other items being offered!

You can download the auction catalog at HERE and register for the auction at HERE!