“One-Punch Man” Artist Sketches Aftermath of Latest Anime Episode

Following the broadcast of One-Punch Man episode 4 and Saitama’s first battle with rival, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, artist Tweeted a thanks to fans for watching the anime with accompanying bonus aftermath-art to express his gratitude.



If you don’t know what this is a reference to…


Previous bonus art


Elsewhere, Bandai’s Ichiban Kuji is preparing to launch a prize lottery on November 14



A prize 28cm Saitama face platter


B prize blanket (90cm)


C prize (8.5cm)


D prize tea mugs (10cm)


E prize training towels (75cm)




Plus there’s a Twitter promotion side-campaign…



And, there are crane prize Saitama balls (7.4cm)


and transit pass holders (15cm)


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