“One Piece” Manga Storyline Plans For 2017 Outlined

This year, in promo newspaper Dai One Piece Shinbun, Eiichiro Oda pinned his series at currently 65% complete. And, after two and half years on the Dressrosa arc, his manga seems to moving along at quite a good pace. Between comments by the series’ editor in School of Jump and by Oda on Jump Festa material, 2017’s 20th anniversary year will be a big one for moving the Straw Hats towards that conclusion.


The School of Jump netcast kicked off the reveals with news that the currently running Whole Cake Island arc is half-way done (probably 20-25 chapters left by fan math). Oda picked this up, revealing that 2017 will carry the run into the Reverie council of kings and Wano land of the samurai arcs.

And, some of the Jump Festa displays…

via OroJackson @sandman_AP


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