“One Piece” Anime OP Singer Arrested for Stealing His Friend’s Guitars

Several Japanese media reported that 34-year-old former musician Shin Nohata (Ebetsu-city, Hokkaido) was arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Ikebukuro Station on November 15 for stealing two guitars from his friend’s house. He was the vocalist of Japanese rock band The ROOTLESS that performed the 13th OP theme song for the One Piece TV anime.


According to the police, Nohata stole two guitars (200,000 yen worth) from a house of a male office worker in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, his friend for 10 years, between May 17 and 27 of this year. He had lived in the house since last December, and stole the guitars during his friend’s absence. After selling the guitars at the pawnshops in Tokyo and Kanagawa, he ran away to Hokkaido. “I wanted money to use for horse racing,” he has admitted the charge.


His band The ROOTLESS was formed in 2009, then made their major debut from avex’s rhythm zone label

with their 1st single “One day” in October 2010. The song written by Nohata was used as the 13th OP song

for the One Piece TV anime from July 2010 to March 2011 (459th-492nd episodes) and ranked third in the

Oricon weekly single chart, selling about 80,000 units in total.


But after that, the band failed to release hit songs, and dissolved in December 2015, one month after their

record company ended the contract with them. So his friend kindly had had Nohata, who became unemployed,

stay in his house since then. When arrested, Nohata was working as a construction worker in Hokkaido, living

with his older sister and her husband.



“One day” CD jacket



Music video


Source: Nikkei, Sport Hochi, Mainichi