On 10/22, Check Out Wildfire #4!

On 10/22, Check Out Wildfire #4!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Death Vigil #3
The end is nigh, Los Angeles!

This week, Top Cow brings you the thrilling conclusion to Matt Hawkins’ and Linda Sejic’s Wildfire. This fourth and final issue finds genetically modified plants wreaking absolute havoc on the city of LA, the military threatening to level the entire area, and Dr. Dan Miller fighting to survive! Is there a solution to the accelerated growth of the plants? Can LA be saved?

Pick up the shocking finale to find out!

Wildfire #4:

Wildfire #3 Page 3 Thumbnail

Wildfire #3 Page 4 Thumbnail

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Wildfire #3 Page 7 Thumbnail

Wildfire #3 Page 8 Thumbnail

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