Oh My Goddess! Omnibus Book Two TPB

Oh My Goddess! Omnibus Book Two introduces the third of the goddess sistersthe youngest, Skuld. It seems Keiichis life wasnt complicated enough with Belldandys magic and Urds potions, so now Skuld is here with her personal form of weirdnessengineering! No sooner has she arrived at Nekomi Tech than Skuld appoints Keiichis own little sister Megumi to be her archrival and challenges her to a robot battle . . . to the death? Plus, as a special bonus, the universe will be destroyed when the superstring holding together existence is cut by a ten-dimensional scythe . . . unless the goddesses can stop it. But thats just another day on campus in this manga! Collects Oh My Goddess! Volumes 46.

* Omnibus edition features larger art size, brighter paper, and bonus color illustrations!