Ogaki City Publishes Promotional Anime Based on “The Tale of Oan”

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its municipal organization, the city of Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture has commissioned a 9 minute short anime film entitled Oan Monogatari: Sono Natsu, Watashi ga Shitta-koto (“The Tale of Oan: What I Learned That Summer”) which highlights the history of the area and promotes local tourism.



The film is partly inspired by Oan Monogatari, the testimony of the daughter of a samurai who lived in Ogaki Castle during the Battle of Sekigahara. The staff of Oan Monogatari: Sono Natsu, Watashi ga Shitta-koto includes:


  • Original work, screenplay: Kō Nakamura
  • Director: Futoshi Matsumoto
  • Assistant director: Shuji Ono
  • Animation: Kōtarō Nakamori
  • Art director: Yūji Kaneko
  • Animation producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
  • Animation production: asura film
  • Planning, production: Pony Canyon
  • Production: Ogaki City, Ogaki Tourist Association



Oan Monogatari: Sono Natsu, Watashi ga Shitta-koto also features the voice talents of Suzuko Mimori as An, Haruka Yoshimura as Ane (“Elder Sister”), and Ayaka Imamura as Oan.


Source: Ota-suke



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