Official “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” Cosplay Outfit Supports D (For Dragon) Cup Busts

Cospa is living up to its name with cosplay items for recreating the look of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s dragon maid, Tohru. The centerpiece is, of course, her maid outfit, which they say support a d (for dragon) cup bust size (fill it one way or another).  the blouse, one-piece, ribbon belt and tie. It goes for 56,160yen (a little less than $500 these days) and ships in July.


Her maid gloves go for 6,480yen. Her horned headband goes for 4,212yen.






Yeah, cosplay also sells a BECUP accessory to help with these things, promising a “natural” look.

These goes for 2,484yen.


Speaking of cosplay, Yūko Gotō, voice of Georgie, was guest on the tie-in web radio show this wek. At 5’3″, she’s giant for a voice-actress!




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¥ 2,484