NYCC 2014: Star Wars – Kanan: The Last Padawan

Star Wars – Kanan: The Last Padawan

April of 2015 brings more Star Wars with the launch of a new ongoing series, STAR WARS – KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN. The series ties into the “Star Wars Rebels” animated series by exploring the earlier life of one of its main characters, the renegade Kanan Jarrus.

“Star Wars Rebels” Executive Producer Greg Weisman helms the story, which looks back into the tumultuous times between the Clone Wars and the era of the new show. Greg, what’s your own personal history with Star Wars? When did you first become a fan?

Greg Weisman: I saw the original Star Wars [Episode IV] the day it first came out at a theater in Westwood Village. I was 13 and made my mom take me. I’ve been a fan ever since. We’re on the verge of an entirely new era of Star Wars; how does it feel to be part of that and what kind of specific challenges or pressures come with it?

Greg Weisman: It’s amazing to take part in that incredible legacy. I’ll admit it’s intimidating. There are plenty of fans out there—especially on the Internet—who are basically expecting us to fail them. But I’m confident that “Star Wars Rebels” will not disappoint. How will STAR WARS – KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN’s look into our hero’s past most impact his present?

Greg Weisman: Well, it’s more about informing his present rather than impacting it. But I think when you get this back story, you’ll see—especially as the television series continues into the recently announced season two—that it has a clear influence on his actions.  Beyond that: NO SPOILERS. What kind of tone are you using here, in terms of the Clone Wars timeframe of impending doom for all the Jedi?

Greg Weisman: The tone is slightly darker than the television series because it covers an extremely dark time. But from my point of view, nothing has changed, and the tone I’m always going for is that of Episodes IV and V. What will we see are Kanan’s greatest needs in terms of training? And what’s his relationship like with his master, Depa Billaba?

Greg Weisman: We’ll see Kanan train to be a Jedi. And then we’ll see him train specifically not to be a Jedi anymore. His relationship with Master Billaba is warm and wry. What of your past Marvel work do you feel most informs this project?

Greg Weisman: Most of my work for Marvel has been on Spider-Man, either “Spectacular Spider-Man” television series or the single issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN that I wrote.  I’m actually hoping that this series—in addition to being a great Star Wars yarn—is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Marvel.

Mostly, it’s just about taking a great existing character and trying my very best to do justice to it with a fresh look and a fresh tale. That’s what we tried to do with Spidey, and that’s what I’m trying to do now with Kanan. What will it be like working with artist Pepe Larraz on this series?

Greg Weisman: I’m looking forward to it! And what’s your coordination with the “Star Wars Rebels” show crew been like for this comic series specifically?

Greg Weisman: The Story Group at Lucasfilm is amazing; great folks, who care deeply about both “Star Wars Rebels” and the Star Wars Universe as a whole.

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