NYCC 2014: Silk


After 10 years locked away, Spider-Man’s latest ally strikes out on her own this February in the brand new ongoing series SILK, written by “Supernatural” producer Robbie Thompson with art by Stacey Lee.

For Thompson, Cindy Moon’s story enthralls and he cannot wait to tell it.

“Cindy fascinates me,” he says. “She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?”

Lee will help him to begin answering that question, a partnership that Thompson feels appreciative for.

“Stacey’s a fantastic storytelling partner for this book,” the writer asserts. “Her look is so unique and fresh and it’s the perfect balance for Cindy and Silk’s lives. I’m so grateful to [editor] Ellie Pyle for teaming us up and I’m excited for more people to see Stacey’s work.”

Another important aid in Thompson bringing Silk to life has been the work of those who came before him.

“So much great character work has already been done by Dan Slott and the [AMAZING SPIDER-MAN] crew,” he’s points out. “It’s a real privilege as a writer to work on a character with such a rich history to explore and at the same time watch her come into her own in the present.”

That present involves a return to New York City and a quest to reconnect to her past.

“[Cindy] launched out of that bunker with a bang, and she’s hell-bent on making up for lost time,” reveals the writer. “From an emotional standpoint, her goal is crystal clear: find her family. The only problem? They have completely disappeared. So, she’s going to be digging into her past, her family’s history, Ezekiel’s past and history.

“Beyond that, Cindy’s got to learn her place in the world,” he continues. “There’s been so much change on a macro level; she missed Civil War and other big Marvel cataclysmic events. But on a micro level, the world moved on without her.”

Of tremendous aid in reconnecting her to the Marvel Universe at large will be her position with Fact Channel, a position that gives her access to resources that might otherwise elude her. Utilizing these tools might also help her begin to better understand herself as a hero.

“From a super hero standpoint, she’s still getting her sea legs and trying to figure out her own style,” explains Thompson. “She uses her job at Fact Channel to chase down leads, which will also allow us to have her travel outside of New York—and interact with heroes based in other cities. It’s been great fun to watch her grow.”

One hero Silk will inevitably encounter shares her origin: a spider bite.

“In some ways they’re so alike, and in others, they couldn’t be more opposite,” observes Thompson on the connection between Cindy and Spider-Man. “On a personal level, well… She and Peter have an incredibly unique bond and connection and yet, they don’t really know each other at all. So it’s a constant push/pull.

“Ellie Pyle and I have talked a lot about this relationship, and the thing we talk about the most is: in some ways, it’s sort of like having a one night stand, and then getting to know the person the next day. They are so connected, she knows so much of his history from studying him for so many years, but they haven’t had much time to actually talk. So, we will be exploring and unpacking that relationship and seeing where it goes after the events of Spider-Verse.”

Readers should not expect that Silk will not, however, be standing on her own.

“Her relationships are really only part of who she is, though, and don’t define her,” argues Thompson. “We want Cindy to be rooted in the Marvel Universe and history that she’s so tied to, but we’re also excited to let her grow and carve out her own path.”

To that end, the writer promises tangles with Black Cat, as well as brand new villains right out of the gate.

Regardless of where Moon ends up, however, Robbie Thompson can hardly wait to take readers there with her:

“I’m really excited for people to get to know Cindy more and come on this journey with her.”

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