NYCC 2014: Return of the Living Deadpool

Return of the Living Deadpool

Cullen Bunn just can’t get enough Deadpool. The writer of everything from the regular DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE to DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE returns for more action writing another wild Wade Wilson tale in 2015.

“The great thing about Deadpool is that you can tell almost any story with him as the protagonist and make it work,” Bunn says. “Deadpool kills all the Marvel heroes? That works. Deadpool tramping around the settings of classic literature? That’s wacky, but it works. Put Deadpool in a dark, depressing, horrific future where he has to fight for his life to survive? With every fiber of your being you want to believe it won’t work, but it does! In particular, I love placing Deadpool, who is this zany character, in really bleak scenarios and settings. I guess what I’m saying is writing Deadpool is as much fun as you think it is. It’s tough to get bored with him.”

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL finds Bunn making his way back to the Merc with a Mouth thanks to a new four-issue limited series with art by Marvel newcomer Nicole Virella. The series picks up where this year’s zombie-filled NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL left off on a world filled with the undead and a growing number of Deadpools.

“So, there are thousands of Deadpools, all of them originating from the one and only Wade Wilson,” Bunn says. “Every time a zombie takes a bite of one of these Deadpools, the zombie becomes Deadpool. But the ‘copy’ is degrading from rebirth to rebirth. You know how Deadpool has numerous personalities? Well, these newly created Deadpools start to latch onto different aspects of Deadpool’s split psyche, forming factions. And these factions don’t all get along!”

Chronologically speaking, RETURN picks up not long after NIGHT meaning the world reels from not only a zombie invasion, but also way too many Wade Wilsons.

“RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL takes place a short amount of time after the conclusion of the previous series, and the world is not a better place” Bunn says. “In addition to zombies, there are thousands of Deadpools in the world! Not even Deadpool himself would think this is a good idea! The sudden surge in the Deadpool population has put the last remnants of humanity in a very precarious position.”

With so many crazy regenerating assassins running around, the world needs a hero. Luckily, at least two happen to be around: a not-as-nuts version of Deadpool and a young woman.

“One lone Deadpool seems different from the rest, and he is befriended by a lone survivor girl,” Bunn says. “These two make a daring last stand against the zombie hordes and the Deadpool hordes.”

Bunn elaborates a bit on the woman named Liz who finds herself making a strange bedfellow in a world can mad.

“She’s not a super hero,” he says. “In other circumstances, she might be a typical teenage girl. But in this world she’s a complete badass zombie killer, a tough-as-nails survivor armed with makeshift weapons. She’s Deadpool’s only friend, but her initial instinct is to kill him.”

On the subject of new team-ups, Bunn says that his collaborator on RETURN both blazes her own artistic trail and fits in well with the existing vibe set in the first volume.

“I was absolutely blown away by what Ramon Rosanas did with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL,” the writer notes. “Going into this new series, knowing we would have to find a new artist, I was a little worried. But Nicole’s work on this book has floored me. It is so great; I think fans will love it! It gives the series its own vibe, while still being true to what we did in the previous book.”

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL from Cullen Bunn and Nicole Virella shambles into stores early next year!

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