Numazu City Office Officially Celebrates “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Chika Takami’s Birthday

As the fans of the series know well, today, August 1 is the birthday for Chika Takami, one of the nine main girls in the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise that was launched in February 2015. The official website for Numazu-city in Shizuoka Prefecture, where its main story takes place, and the city office’s official Twitter have posted a birthday message for her. It is very unusual for a Japanese public institution to officially celebrate a fictional character’s birthday.


“Takami Chika-san, August 1, Happy birthday!” 


 The site previously celebrated the birthday for Yoshiko Tsushima on July 13.




As reported, the nine members of the franchise’s VA unit Aqours joined the 70th Numazu Summer

Festival on July 29 and 30, and performed “Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo” with the participants.



Fireworks of the unit name “Aqours”



Wrapping bus



“Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo” dance choreography video


“Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo” preview



Source: Numazu City official website, Twitter


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