Now You Can Own the Music Box from the “Sailor Moon S” Ending

Congratulations, you live in a world where that adorable music box from the end credits of Sailor Moon S is actually a thing you can buy.



The “Tuxedo Mirage” Memorial Ornament is a new collaborative item from PROPLICA and Figuarts Zero chouette, created as a match for the little music box featured in the show. Though this one has a few little additions — the main one being Endymion featured with Serenity atop the turntable.



This isn’t a traditional “music box,” though — the ornament plays both an orgel arrangement of “Tuxedo Mirage” and the original anime ending as performed by Peach Hips.


Additionally, the base features three interchangeable plates: a view of the Moon Castle with an overlay of changing moon phases, images of the main cast as seen in the ending, and a “beautified” watercolor-style set of the cast images.


Preorders are now open for 9,180 yen each, and they are scheduled to start shipping in May 2017.


Source: Bandai official channel




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