Notable Creators Return For Slate Of New “Shonen Jump” Manga

With the end looming for big titles (Gintama), other MIA (Hunter x Hunter, World Trigger), and new series failing to take off, it’s time for another round of shake-ups at Shonen Jump. An early look at next week’s 2017 issue 9 has revealed six titles that will be introduced starting in the following week’s issue 10. And, this time, the fresh unknowns are joined by a roster of creators readers are likely to be familiar with.


Upcoming series introductions include:


Issue #10 – Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/ We Can’t Study

by Nisekoi spin-off Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan author Tsutsui Taishi

Romantic comedy. As Yuiga prepares to enter college, two beautiful young girls will appear before him.

#11 – U.19

by Garden one-shot’s Yuji Kimura

Childish activities in a world where all youth are under the control of adults.

#12 – Poro no Ryugaku-ki/Polo’s Foreign Exchange Records

by GFC winner Hitsuji Gonhei

A devil Poro who visits to the human world.

#13 – Hara Peko no Mari/Marie the Starving

by Beelzebub author Ryuuhei Tamura

Comedy-action. Taiga is a young boy who encounters a girl with a secret.


#14 – Dr. Stone

written by Riichiro Inagaki (Eyesheld 21), illustrated by Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock)

Adventure-action-Sf. The story begins with the biggest crisis the earth has ever known.

#16 – Robot x Laserbeam

by Kuroko’s Basketball’s Tadatoshi Fujimaki

A manga set on the golf course, about a young boy nicknamed “Robot” discovering the sport.

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